YouTube Blogger Sarah loves your brand... Really? 

It is not surprising that brands like the idea of working with influencers. People trust influencers more than advertising. And, influencers deliver a brand message directly to the target audience. These days, thanks to social media there is a big pool of influencers to choose from. 
Well, it's not exactly that straightforward. 



A crisis of trust is hitting 



The first decade of working with influencers was hyperactive expansion – boss the Instagram algorithm, bump the follower count, and rack up the brand deals. This led to bot-followers, undeclared paid-for content, and fake likes. Many influencers lost touch with their communities. They lack authenticity. The sheer volume of digital content has reached a point where consumers are becoming desensitised. The trust in digital celebrities has been eroded to render them worthless. 



The wrong classification leads to fruitless cooperation. 


Marketers classify influencers by the number of their followers and their expertise area. Based on this wrong classification, marketers end up with wrong influencers and false expectations for their brands. In reality, it is the motivation of the followers that counts, not their number. The quality of the bond between influencers and their followers is more important than the number of subscriptions or likes. 

We build trust where no one else can.

Fruitful cooperation with influencers starts with choosing the right ones. There are different types of influencers. Each influencer is part of a bigger societal group and culture. Influencers differentiate from each other by the roles they play in their social groups and communities. They also differentiate themselves by the motivation of their followers. A better understanding of the influencer's group and culture means the right way of cooperation and right expectations. This also means authenticity, genuine content, and a better return on investment. We show marketers how to choose the right influencers for their brand and how to develop authenticity and build trust via them.



We help you find the right  Influencers


We can help you find the right influencers for your brands. When we choose influencers, we look at what value they can bring to your brand based on the group and community they belong to. The motivation of the followers is one of the key selection criteria for us.  

Our knowledge of groups' culture can help you create trustworthy brand communication via influencers. Because what an influencer says about your brand sounds genuine if only it has a place in their group culture. 



We run Workshops & Trainings 


We've spent a few years researching influencers and the role they play in their community. We've also studied the motivations of their followers and how they perceive their interactions with influencers. Additionally, we have examined the nature of trust and how it has evolved in the post-truth era. We share our findings, insights, and solutions in our "Working with Influencers 2.0" training session. Get in touch to learn more about the training programme. 

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