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Whose story do consumers want to hear?

Since brands have discovered new digital channels, they rush to communicate there. However, it is new territory and the rules there are different. Brands compete not only with each other but with anyone who has access to the Internet. On average, we are exposed to 3,000 messages daily. What to do? Make content engaging...
But it is not an easy task.



Too much brand-speak kills viral.


To be fair, brands are the victims of too many requirements. Big companies try to lay their own rules out in social media where consumers command.  For instance, communication has to be ideally attributed to the brand, it should build brand associations and deliver brand objectives. As a result, communication turns into a self-centric brand story which will hardly go viral.

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Woke-washing trap is around the corner.


Your brand communication might say, "I’m not interested in selling you stuff, I’m here to save the world". Or it might say, "You see, I am not just a car company, I am fighting for gender equality".  How far do you think it will convince consumers today?

We help you dig up engaging content.

Commercial content does not go viral. Cultural content does. Marketers very often read cultural content as something related to popular cultural trends in society. Actually, it is more than that. Brands should have content that delivers value to people as members of the groups and communities they belong to. The content should be embedded in the culture of groups and communities. So, consumers perceive it as their story, not a brand story. Only then does it go viral. In our workshops, we explain to you where to find and how to dig up engaging content.
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We run Workshops & Trainings


After a one-day training what your team will say and do:

  • I know why simple commercial content or sponsorships do not go viral today.

  • I understand how to create engaging & viral content and events for my brands.

  • I know how to develop authenticity, build trust and grow sales via engaging content and events.

  • I know how to create new occasions and events in the post-COVID environment.

  • I know how to effectively collaborate with partners to create engaging content and organize cultural events.

  • I have ideas to apply to my brands in practice for a better ROI in communication.

Group Marketing® is shortlisted  in Open Innovation Forum Food & FMCG 2018 by the Institute for Manufacturing University of Cambridge 

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