Digital: Is it a friend or foe of brand building? 

We as marketers are all excited about the opportunities that digital presents - especially the massive number of footprints consumers leave online which is big data. We believe we now know consumers much better than before. 
Well, it's not quite that simple. 



Consumers leave footprints, not insights.


Big data is just data, it is not insights. Big data can answer 'who', 'what', 'when'', 'where' and 'how'. But it doesn't answer 'why'. Without understanding why people do what they do it is hard to build a strong brand.   



Consumers are not isolated individuals; they belong to groups. 


Data often presents consumers as isolated and rational decision makers. However, we don't live in isolation. Large societal groups and the communities we live in strongly influence our decisions. Great insights can only be found if consumers are analyzed in their groups. 

We find insights where no one else does.

We are social animals. We've always been a member of one or more groups, be it a community of marathon runners or football fans. Thanks to social media and the Internet, individuals with similar interests, passions, and experiences can find each other and form groups and communities easier than ever before. These groups have tens of thousands or even millions of members and followers.  Vitally, through the sense of belonging they impart, groups usually have collective consumption habits. Members choose the same brands to both reinforce and flag up their identity. We find insights by examining consumers via their groups and communities.



We Find Insights in Groups

We can help your brands find insights to develop powerful innovations, shape strategies, or create trustworthy communication. We can tell you what needs to be done to change consumers' behaviour and how to make your brand consumed by many via leveraging real societal groups, communities, and their cultures. 

We’ve been researching groups for a good while, now. We know what they have formed around, what group members believe in, how they identify themselves, what rituals they follow, and how brands can become part of the group's consumption habit.



We run Workshops & Trainings 

We've spent a few years researching how the digital world has impacted society, consumer behaviour, and brand-building. We have followed a cross-disciplinary approach by including psychology, social psychology, anthropology, and political marketing into our analysis. We share the findings, insights and solutions in our training "How to do marketing in the digital era." It's one of the rare training sessions where you learn strategies, not tactics (no, we don't teach the importance of SEO, keywords, and Google ads. Sorry.) 

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